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What are our customers saying about us?

"We at Union Hill are soooo....so pleased with our website and truly appreciative of Karen and want to commend her for her professionalism, her competence and creativity in developing our church website, as well as her patience in dealing with our less than timely inputs and inquiries. You guys did a great job!"

"Thanks so much again!"

Samuel Jackson, Senior Pastor


"People Staff, Inc makes it possible for a small business to get a professional quality website. The staff was very responsive, prompt, and offered great ideas based on their expertise. They did a fantastic job on our new site and I won't hesitate to recommend them to others."

Burger Boys

"Working with People Staff, Inc. was easy. They interviewed me, did research on like companies and produced a great website. Working with them was so easy, I'm going to have them create another website for me."


"People Staff, Inc. developed my first two websites. The service was good; however I left the company. I called myself going a cheaper route and I lived to regret it. I’m so glad I’m back. Same great responsive service.

I highly recommend People Staff to anyone who needs a website."

Larry Torrence
Uncle Larry’s Restaurant

"Gary and Karen. Thank you both for doing a great job on our class website. KUDOS - GREAT JOB!!
Thank you very much for all your efforts, thoughtful suggestions and more.
Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.

Victor Howell



Monica Layne


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